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The End

Meantime affairs at Grandturzel were going from bad to worse. Reuben did not speak much about Grandturzel, but he watched it all the same, and as time wore on a look of quiet satisfaction would overspread his face when it was mentioned at the Cocks. He watched the tiles drip gradually off its barn roofs, he watched the thatch of its haggards peel and moult, he watched the oasts lose their black coats of tar, while the wind battered off their caps, and the skeleton poles stuck up forlornly from their turrets. Holes wore in the neat house-front, windows were broken and not mended, torn curtains waved signals of distress. It was only a question of waiting..
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"Naun鈥擨'm thinking."?
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That night was a purging. From thenceforward Reuben was to press on straight to his goal, with no more slackenings or diversions.!
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"That's what strikes me as so pathetic.".
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"Then policeman's bin t?ald about it?" came faintly from Robert..

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"At Vera Cruz the days are fine鈥
"His clothes are still burning鈥攈ere, help me, you!" cried Reuben, beating at the flames with his hands.
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
Same ! Who ever likes comics give me a reply
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
The best!